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November 30
  Sherry Turkle
CRITO Distinguished Speaker Series
October 6
  Deepa Prahalad
The Power of Connections
June 1
  Michael Carey
The End of SQL? Current Trends in Very Large-Scale Data Management and Analysis
April 13
  Kavita Philip
Postcolonial Technoscience
March 23
  Peter Krapp
Daisy, or A Bicycle for Two: On Computers and Music
February 24
  Gary Olson
Working Together Apart: Laboratory Studies of Distributed Group Work
January 24
  Informatics/Information Systems Research Workshop
Calit2 room 3008 noon - 5 p.m. (contact
January 19
  John Turner
Scheduling of Dynamic In-Game Advertising


December 1
  Wireless Healthcare Conference
November 18
  VC Choudhary
The Role of Technology Refresh on Asset Ownership in IT Outsourcing
October 27
  Mizuko (Mimi) Ito
Non-commercial Networked Production and Distribution: The Case of Fan Subtitling
May 7
  CRITO Breakfast Series
May 5
  Gloria Mark
Resilience in Collaboration: Social Media Use During Environmental Crises
April 14
  Sanjeev Dewan
Risk and Return of IT Investments
March 17
  Melissa Mazmanian
Assuming difference, allowing freedom: Exploring norms of divergence and norms of alignment in the social structuring of a wireless email
February 11
  Carter Butts
Link-trace Sampling from Online Networks
January 28
  Alfred Kobsa
Getting web privacy right for each individual user


November 19
  Christine Beckman
Escape to Reality: Organizational Control and the Internet in a Total Institution
September 30
  Tom Boellstorff
Culture in a Virtual World
June 1-2
  The Bottom of the Pyramid in Practice
Workshop hosted by UCI's Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion
May 14
  Mark Trammel
User Research Crash Course
March 19
  Judy Olson
Distance Collaboration: What makes it successful?
March 5
  James Pick
Studying Global Digital Inequality: Impacts of Government, Investment, and Social Factors on Technology Utilization
February 19
  Bill Maurer
Interoperability, Extraction and Reimportation: experiments with money and mobile technologies


November 20
  Michael T. Goodrich
The Algorithmic Lens: A Computational Perspective on Economics and Science
November 15
  Design Innovation and Research Conference
October 23
  Kris Carpenter Negulescu
The Internet Archive: Our Collections, Programs and Research Initiatives
September 25
  Professor Shivendu
Digital Product Supply Chain: Contracts and Investment in Infrastructure
September 15
  CRITO Advisory Board Meeting
July 30
  Ted Tschang
Is Software Industry Growth in Emerging Regions Explainable with the Extant ‘Theory’? Synthesizing the Experiences of India, China and the Philippines
May 20
  Bill Tomlinson
Green IT - the intersection of information technology and environmental issues
May 14
  Scott Jordan
Net Neutrality and the interplay between networking technology, economics, and communications policy
May 6
  Steve Whittaker
The Past Present and Future of Digital Memories
April 30
  Gillian Hayes
Challenges and Opportunities for Technologies for Chronic Care Management
April 16
  Padhraic Smyth
From Gauss to Google: Data Analysis in the Digital Age
March 19
  Donald Patterson
From Sensors to Semantics: Intelligent Context for Situated Computing
March 7
  Viswanath Venkatesh
Consumer Migration Across Generations of Technology Service Platforms: Roles of Generation, Technology Hierarchy, and Complementarities
February 27
  Dr. Angelika Dimoka
NeuroIS: The Potential of Cognitive Neuroscience for Information Systems Research
February 13
  Charles Rieger
Models of Academic / Industry Partnerships: Perspectives on What Works