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Faculty Research Associates

Hemant Bhargava
economics of information technology industry; pricing and product design decisions; management decision technologies

Christine Beckman
social networks and strategic decisionmaking; organizational learning and change; emotion, technology and work

Nivein Behairy
social informatics; youth & technology; consumerism

Young Bong Chang
impact of information technology on firm productivity and efficiency

VC Choudhary
economics of information systems and emerging technologies; pricing strategy for software products; price discrimination and segmentation

Jim Danziger
politics of computing; end user computing and training; workforce issues

Jason Dedrick
economic development; industrial policy; technology diffusion; globalization of the computer industry

Sanjeev Dewan
value of information technology investments; information technology in financial markets; electronic commerce

Shutao Dong
value creation from customer relationship management systems: resources, productivity and profitability effects; IT governance

Paul Dourish
computer supported cooperative work; human computer interaction

Margaret Elliott

open source software development communities

David Fitoussi
information technology and organizations; IT investments, intangible assets; IT and the spatial distribution of work

Cristina Gibson
multicultural collaboration; communication, interaction and effectiveness in teams; the impact of culture and gender on work behavior

Mary Gilly
service quality; customer service; internal marketing; cross-cultural service encounters

Victor M. Gonzalez
human-computer interaction; nature of information work; home and community computing

Rebecca Grant
information privacy; electronic commerce; perception of consumers on security of e-commerce transactions

Paul Gray
knowledge management; data warehousing; group decision support systems

Vijay Gurbaxani
IT and innovation; strategic sourcing of IT-enabled services; value of IT investment; economics of information systems

Gillian Hayes
human-computer interaction; ubiquitous computing; computer supported cooperative work; health informatics

Joanna Ho
decision making related to management accounting and auditing

Pei-Fang Hsu
e-business and ERP

Michael Jensen
electronic democracy in America: the internet and participation in American local politics

Scott Jordan
pricing of internet resources; net neutrality

Alfred Kobsa
human-computer interaction; personalization, privacy; information visualization; expert finders

Kenneth L. Kraemer
information systems; technology policy; global IT; organizational impacts; I/S performance

  Gloria Mark
computer-supported cooperative work; virtual collaboration; groupware design and collaborative virtual environments

Melissa Mazmanian
communication technologies within organizational contexts, individual experience and social dynamics with wireless modes of communication

Nigel Melville
managerial, economic, and social complexities that arise when organizations apply information technology to generate value

John Mooney

assessment of IT business value, IT support for organizational transformation; effectiveness of IS management practices and electronic commerce

Bonnie Nardi
user interface design, collaborative work, computer-mediated communication, and theoretical approaches to technology design and evaluation

Gary Olson
interactive & collaborative technology; human-computer interaction; computer supported cooperative work

Judith Olson
interactive & collaborative technology; human-computer interaction; computer supported cooperative work

Donald Patterson
ubiquitous computing; artificial intelligence; interactive & collaborative technology

James Pick
management information systems and geographic information systems; urban geography; population studies

Robert Plice
impact of network-centric organizations on firm strategy, and the information-economics of electronic communications

Ronald V. Ramirez
economics of information technology; IT and management; IT and organizations; IT and strategy

Fei Ren
risk and return underlying the business value of information technology

Walt Scacchi
software development in open source communities; computer supported collaborative work environments

Hope Jensen Schau
technology and consumer experience; brand communities and consumer identities; convergent marketing strategy; advertisting and new media

Eric Chuan-Fong Shih
consumer post-adoption behavior; diffusion of information technology; marketing of technological innovations; national technology policy

Namchul Shin
IT business value; innovation/IT innovation; organizational and strategic impacts of IT; electronic commerce; business process reengineering

Shivendu Shivendu
economics of information systems; digital goods supply chain; forecasting and analytical modeling

Padhraic Smyth
data mining; applied statistics; machine learning and information theory

Paul Tallon
economic and organizational impacts of IT; alignment of IT and business strategy; real options and electronic commerce

Bill Tomlinson
green IT; human-computer interaction; multi-agent systems; computer supported learning

John Turner

media management, applied optimization, revenue management, problems at the interface of operations and marketing

Alladi Venkatesh

community-based technologies (home informatics and networking; youth and new media; consumers and electronic environments); cross-cultural research

Mary Wolfinbarger
internal marketing; services marketing; services quality; e-commerce; consumer behavior

Sean Xin Xu
economics of IS standards; the process of IS assimilation by firms