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Research Spotlights


March Who captures value from the Apple iPad?
(Linden, Kraemer, Dedrick)



July My Life as a Night Elf Priest
June First Steps to Digital Detox
May Perceiving images and telling tales: A visual and verbal analysis of the meaning of the internet
(Venkatesh et al.)
March Complementarities in the Diffusion of Personal Computers and the Internet: Implications for the Global Digital Divide
(Dewan, Ganley, Kraemer)
January Book Receives Choice Award
(Elliott, Kraemer)



November Paper Receives Microsoft Award
(Gurbaxani, Ravindran, Susarla)
September The Free Software Movement
(Elliott, Scacchi)
July One Laptop per Child: Vision vs. Reality
(Kraemer, Dedrick, Sharma)
May best practices for IT services contracting
(Fitoussi, Gurbaxani))
April Google: The World’s First Information Utility?
(Kraemer, Chen, Sharma)



December Design Conference
November   BusinessWeek citation: Mapping the iPod Economy
(Linden, Dedrick, Kraemer)
October   Digital Home Technologies and Transformation of Households
September   Innovation in Global Industries
(Dedrick, Kraemer)
August   BizEd: Emerging Economies Ahead of the Internet Game
(Melville, Plice, Dedrick)
July   IM=Interruption Management? Instant Messaging and Disruption in the Workplace
(Garrett, Danziger)
June   Designing for Nomadic Work
(Makoto Su, Mark)
May   Civil Society and Cyber Society
(Jensen, Danziger, Venkatesh)
April   IT Diffusion in Developing Countries
(Shih, Kraemer, Dedrick)
March   Computerization Movements and Technology Diffusion
(Elliott, Kraemer)
February   Who Captures the Value in the iPod and the notebook PC?
(Dedrick, Kraemer)
January   The Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, Barcelona, Spain